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"If men were angels, then government would not be necessary." - James Madison

“... But if we don’t start restoring trust soon to the political process by which we govern ourselves, people just simply won’t even obey a common traffic light anymore.” - Scott Rohter

Should Newt Gingrich be Considered as a Vice Presidential Running Mate for Donald Trump?
- May 2016

America's Favorite Little Tree - The Christmas Tree and the Factors that Drive Our Behavior
- December 2014

Climate Science - Is it Really Science or is it Not Really Science at All? - June 2014

From a Bully Pulpit to the World's Biggest Bully - Has the United States Become the Biggest Bully in the World?
- June 2014

Little Pawns for "Big Oil" - Why are the World's Biggest Bullies Vying for Influence over Ukraine and over Access to the European Energy Market?
- April 2014

Is "Marriage Equality" the Great Civil Rights Issue of Our Time? - Five Little Words of Jesus - March 2014

Three Hundred Years - What Does the Future Look Like for the United States of America?
- February 2014

The 50th Anniversary of Lyndon Baines Johnson's "Great Society" - President by Mistake or Just a President who made Mistakes
- February 2014

Is Christianity Getting a Makeover as Gay Rights, Social Justice, Liberation Theology, and Female Clergy Take Over the Churches?
- December 2013

Congressional Budget Betrayals - The Ryan / Murray Bill and the House Republican Sellout
- December 2013

Paul Ryan and Patty Murray Congressional Budget Deal - Is it a Compromise or a just another Republican Sellout? - December 2013

U.S. Government Bans Bull Crap - The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 - December 2013

Will 2014 be Just Another Turkey Walk or will it be Mitch McConnell's Final Swan Song? November 2013

Fractious Factions: A Conservative - Libertarian Bridge - April 2012 - Updated November 2013

Alphabet News Networks and Talk Radio’s Crackers - March 2012 - Updated November 2013

Transparency - The Way Barack Obama Sees it. - November 2013

Government Shutdown - That's One Small Step for Conservatives,
One Giant Leap for the Republican Party... I Hope.
- October 2013

Government Shutdown, Slim Down, or Show-down? - October 2013

President Obama's Vitriolic Disinformation Campaign Against Bashar al Assad of Syria - September 2013

Barack Obama - The Chief Scoundrel in the World - August 2013

Barack Obama Plays another Round of Golf as the Middle East Continues to Burn - August 2013

His Father's Son - Rand Paul Shows his True Libertarian Colors. - July 2013

WePluribUS - It's More than Just a Little Social Site... It's a Big Change in the Paradigm. - June 2013

The "Chinafication" of America - June 2013

Too Different Worlds and Two Different Americas - April 2013

Stop Hispanic Language & Culture from Taking Over Anymore of North America - April 2013

Taking Ownership of Our Lives and Our Country Again - March 2013

Postmortem Election Analysis - Were We Set Up To Fail? - November 2012

Barack Obama - Alternative Version of Reality - October 2012

Taxes are Not the Prime Factor in Creating Economic Growth - September 2012

Mitt Romney’s  Forty-Seven Percent Comment - September 2012

Democrat Party "Love Fest" in Charlotte - September 2012

"From Tunausea to Indonausea" – The Center of their Muslim World - September 2012

A Jew Looks at the Muhammad You Tube Video - September 2012

Muhammad, King of Medina - September 2012

The Barack Obama Story - A Modern American Fairy Tale that Did Not Come True - September 2012

A National Political Convention to be Ashamed of - September 2012

Morton Blackwell's Open Letter Protesting Rules Changes to Rule #12 - September 2012

Republican National Convention Rules Changes and Dirty Tricks - September 2012

The Blame Stops Here - A Challenge to both Presidential Candidates - September 2012

Mitt Romney Contingency Plan - Two Small Stepping Stones - September 2012

President Obama's Biggest Flip-flops - September 2012

Mitt Romney – Going With the Wind - August 2012

Misspeak in Missouri - Congressman Akin's Little Snafu - August 2012

Prominent Newspaper Editor Arrested in Egypt and Tried for Criticizing Mohammed Morsi - August 2012

Anita MonCrief Emerging Corruption Website Hacked and Forced to Shut Down! - August 2012

Marco Rubio's Presidential Aspirations - Senator Yes... President NO! Constitutional Crises... HELL NO!
- August 2012                            

Politics and War Without Pain – The Party of Drones - August 2012

Money in Politics: A very Poor Yardstick by Any Standard - August 2012

Barack Obama is The Great Pretender President - August 2012

The Ghost of George W. Bush - August 2012

From Caesar’s Death to Jesus’ Birth - August 2012

"The Penalty in the Affordable Care Act is Not a Pig." It is Not a Tax Either! - Scalia Interview
- August 2012                            

Kill Switch - Gun Grab - July 2012

"Party of Asses"... Democrats are More Willing to Tell Lies than Republicans, New Study Shows
- July 2012                    

Aurora Colorado Shootings by Young Progressive Democrat - July 2012

A Rose by Another Name…A Penalty is Still a Penalty, No Matter What they Call It - July 2012

Just Say No to Dhimmitude - It Has No Place in America - July 2012

Duplicitous: Chief Justice John Roberts - The Gift of George W. Bush that Keeps on Giving
- July 2012

Stop the Spin – An Open Letter to the Romney Campaign - July 2012

“Dear John”: How Conservatives got Robbed by John Roberts - June 2012

Supreme Court Rules on Arizona Illegal Immigration Law, SB 1070 - An Analysis - June 2012

God Bless the Parents Who Drugged Us - June 2012

Slavery and the Consequences of Slavery  -  Dialogue between Conservatives - June 2012

Fighting for Our Political Lives - June 2012

Here Comes the Judge Again - U.S. Supreme Court Set to Rule on Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
- June 2012   

The Politics of Division: Re-Selling the Old Idea of Racial Inequality - June 2012

Arizona's Tough New Illegal Immigration Law - The Supreme Court is Set to Rule - June 2012

"Cake Walker" - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Wins Recall Election by a Wide Margin - June 2012

Wisconsin Recall Election - Scott Walker is Poised to Win - June 2012

What Choice do we have? - June 2012

Wasted Opportunity  -  Who Pulled the Plug on the TEA Party? - June 2012

The Fanatical Face of France - May 2012

The Union of Corp. Gov. - May 2012 (reposted from November 2010)

Reince Priebus – Wisconsin Shenanigans - May 2012

"Mush heads" in the Middle - Undecided Voters are the Target of a Huge Last Minute Media Blitz
- May 2012                   

Michael Morton: Convicted on Circumstantial Evidence Alone - May 2012

Barack Obama: Occupying the White House But Not Made in America - May 2012

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Trial - May 2012

It’s About Time to Start Revitalizing the Republican Party - April 2012

Only Pandering, Insincerity, and Political Expediency Do I See - April 2012

Obama Secret Service Suffers From More than Just a Lack of Morale - April 2012

NPR and the White House Have Been Taken Over by an Alien Entity - April 2012

Failure to Communicate or a Failure to Convince - April 2012

No Connection to the Past - April 2012

Iran at a Crossroads - April 2012

Fractious Factions: A Conservative - Libertarian Bridge - April 2012

Alphabet News Networks and Talk Radio’s Crackers - March 2012

A Clear Choice - March 2012

Birthday Present and Final Reward - March 2012

Barack Obama  -  Growing Up Socialist in a Capitalist Country - March 2012

Newt Gingrich Political Action Committee "Winning the Future" is Just Spinning the Past - March 2012

Mainstream Media Election Bias  –  What Has to Change? - March 2012

Dishonesty is Not Only an Imperfection. It is a Disqualifier! - March 2012

Milking the Republican Primary for Every Last Cent! - March 2012

Freedom - The Best Antidote for What Ails Us - February 2012

“Rocket Man” and “The Man on the Moon” - February 2012

Drastic Problems Require Drastic Solutions - February 2012

Lane County Republican Party – Worthy of Consideration - February 2012

U.S. Government Entitlement Programs: Are They Good or Bad? - February 2012

The Many Faces of Newt Gingrich - February 2012

Nibbling Away at Our Bill of Rights - February 2012

A Way Around the Mainstream Media - February 2012

Post 9-11 World of Fear – Living on Edge! - February 2012

Art Robinson for Congress – One less Reason to be Afraid - The Road less Traveled - February 2012

Cowering Conservatives in the Republican Party - February 2012

Headline Reads, Barack Obama Wants Smaller Government - January 2012

Newt Gingrich: The Greatest Title of All – Honest Man - January 2012

Newt Gingrich: Misplaced Notion of Party Loyalty - January 2012

Political Purification - January 2012

Red Solutions or God’s Green Earth - January 2012

Freedom and Limited Government  - Till Death Do Us Part! - January 2012

America’s National Security  or  A Politician’s Job Security? - January 2012

Vote for an Honest Man, Not for Newt Gingrich - January 2012

Hollywood is Changing Our World While Keeping Us Misinformed and Entertained - January 2012

A Presidential Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - January 2012

World Wide Intellectual Property Pirates and American Intellectual Property Rights - January 2012

Kiss of Death - John McCain Endorses Mitt Romney - January 2012

The Real Newt Gingrich Video from Frank on Vimeo - September 2009

Learning the Rules of the ‘Political Road’…  It is Not a Hard Choice - January 2012

Thomas Jefferson – Life, Liberty, and… the Divisive Issue of Slavery - January 2012

Iran: Dropping Terrorism or Dropping the Bomb? - January 2012

Last Two Standing - ‘Newt-Romney’ - January 2012

Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy Video - January 2012

The Ging‘Grinch’ that Stole Christmas... Almost - December 2011

Counterfeit Conservatives - Newt Romney - December 2011

Ding Dong, Taepo Dong, and So Long Kim Jung-Il - December 2011

Newt 'World Order' Gingrich - December 2011

The Inverse Relationship Between Freedom and Big Government - December 2011

A Twisted Tutorial - December 2011

Perspectives on a Third Party - December 2011

Cheating Your Way to the Top of the GOP Primary - December 2011

A General Consensus Among Republicans.  Is There Any? - December 2011

The Justice of Inequity - December 2011

The Crippling Legacy of Slavery – How America’s Original Sin of Slavery Still Affects Us Today
- November 2011                      

Newt Gingrich: Consummate Politician and Quintessential Progressive Establishment Republican
- November 2011                

Newt shows his true colors, again - Jospeh Farah, WorldNetDaily - Editorial - November 2011

The Biggest Entitlement of All - November 2011

Losing the Bigger Ideological Struggle With Socialism - November 2011

I Am Woman!  Apparently I Have to Roar. Gender Bias in the Republican Presidential Primary
- November 2011                          

Congressman Peter Defazio Addressing Occupy Portland - YouTube Video - November 2011

What to Do About Occupy Wall Street.  Who are the Occupiers and Who Are the 99% - November 2011

EU Bailout of Greece or Not? A Very Unfortunate and Dangerous Time for the World - November 2011

What the Heck Is Going On In Libya - Starting Off on the Wrong Foot - October 2011

Real Campaign Finance Reform that You Can Believe In - October 2011

What is the Proper Role of the Federal Government? - October 2011

Another Round of Quantitative Easing, or Another Round of Phony Conservatives? - October 2011

What Keeps Americans Free From One Generation to the Next? - October 2011

Describing Democrats in 25 Words or Less! - October 2011

Occupy Wall Street Vs. the TEA Party - A Comparison - October 2011

Pay to Play - Financing the Republican Campaign Message - October 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Gang Vs. The Wall Street Gang - October 2011

What Is Wrong With Our Current Health Care Delivery System and the Government Solution?
- October 2011

Snow White and the Seven Republican Dwarfs - October 2011

Suspending Elections - A Glimpse into the Mindset of Beverly Perdue, Barack Obama, and the Democratic Party
- October 2011&

Little Red Lying Hood and the Big Bad Wolf - October 2011

Rules for Reds – Exposing the Soft Communism of the Democratic Party - September 2011

Two Political Parties Can Ruin the Economy, and the Country Just as Easily as One - September 2011

Pack Your Bags and Begin Picking Your Transition Team, President Obama - September 2011

Two Special Congressional Bellwether Elections - September 2011

Al Sharpton, How Stupid You Really Are - September 2011

Barack Obama is Turning the Oval Office Into a 24 Hour ATM Machine - September 2011

Destiny Calls, Are You Listening? An Open Letter to Glenn Beck - September 2011

Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act, or Barack Obama's Own Job Act? - September 2011

The Key to a Healthy Economy - September 2011

The Standard by Which We Will Judge the 112th Congress - August 2011

Blessed Are the Children - August 2011

Farther To The Left Too! - August 2011

How Would You Like Your Government, Supersized Or Down Sized? - August 2011

From Death Panels to Debt Panels - August 2011

A 'Friendly' Little Interview with Michele Bachmann on Meet the Press - August 2011

Michele Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll – Please Remember to Duck, Michele! - August 2011

The Most Important Qualification to Be President - August 2011

The Summer of Muslim Discontent - The So Called "Arab Spring" - August 2011

Just When You Think That The Federal Reserve Board Is About Out of Tricks... - August 2011

Not the Democratic Party of Your Fathers! - August 2011

Fixing Our American Federal Debt Crisis - It’s As Easy As One, Two, Three! - August 2011

The Freedom to Lie - Unwanted Propaganda ‘Blitzkrieg’ - August 2011

The Budget Control Act of 2011: (SB 627) 'The Bonehead Boehner Bill' - A Postmortem - August 2011

Budget Control Act of 2011 - Is This the Best Deal That We Can Get? - August 2011

Unfit to Lead?  -  Are They Making New Qualifications to Be President? - July 2011

A Debtor Nation is a Slave Nation - Is America Still the Land of the Free? - July 2011

Addicted to Revenue - Does the U.S. Government Have a Spending Problem?- July 2011

Lib and Let Live - July 2011

Why Does it Always Rain In Washington D.C.? - July 2011

Going Deeper into Debt - Is the Federal Debt Ceiling Necessary or Not? - July 2011

Beyond Compromise! The Significance of This Moment in American History - July 2011

An Historic Moment in New York History- New York Legalizes Gay Marriage - July 2011

Mitt Romney: Can Anything Really Conservative Come From Massachusetts? - June 2011

Congressmen Anthony Weiner - Conduct Unbecoming a Member of Congress - June 2011

Henry Kissinger On China is Revisionist History! - June 2011

Harold Camping, Family Radio, and Bible Prophecy - May 2011

Two RINOs Out, Two RINOs In! - Trump and Huckabee Out, Gingrich and Romney In - May 2011

Newt Gingrich Update - May 2011

Is a Constitutional Convention Necessary? - May 2011

Obama, Osama, and the Deep Blue Sea - May 2011

Trump: Herald to Victory or Call to Defeat? - April 2011

Michele Bachmann - Michelle Obama, What’s In a Name? - April 2011

A Government Shut Down, Is Ok With Me! - April 2011

Chronicling America's Progressive Slide to Socialism - Graphic - April 2011

Cutting the Federal Budget. Are we Ever Going to get Serious About the National Debt? - April 2011

How About a Department of Peace Instead of a Department of Defense? - April 2011

Big Government Advocacy and Original Intent - April 2011

Martin Luther King and Lewis Farrakhan – Power on Earth or Poison on Earth? - April 2011

Libya: Should America Get Involved In Another War In the Middle East? - March 2011

'Newt'worthy or Not? Is Newt Gingrich the Best Candidate for President in the Republican Primary?
- March 2011            

War on Drugs and the Black American Family - March 2011

NPR, PBS, and Commercial Radio & TV – The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg - March 2011

The National Debt and Economic Slavery: A Political Parable - February 2011

Democrat Legislators in Madison, Wisconsin Hold State Legislature Hostage - February 2011

The Arizona Shooter and Our Broken Legal System - The Law is an Ass! - February 2011

Illegal Immigration and Legal Immigration - February 2011

The Passenger in the Box  -  The Perfect Solution to Profiling for Terrorists at the Airport - February 2011

Prevailing in Pensacola - Florida Sues Federal Government Over Obama Care - February 2011

Let’s Get Serious About Cutting the Federal Budget and the National Debt - February 2011

Is Michelle Obama Turning Into a Modern Day Marie Antoinette? Food, Diet and the Public Health
- February 2011                 

Colonizing America in the 21st Century Style - Illegal Immigration from Mexico - February 2011

Ben Bernanke, High Priest of the Not Too Mighty Dollar - February 2011

Rahm Emanuel Seeks to Become Mayor of Chicago - Is There any Danger of Vote Fraud in 2012?
- February 2011                

The Free Market, Socialism, and Monopolies: A Comparison - Februray 2011

Victims of Success-Who is to Blame for America’s Downfall? - January 2011

All that is Good and Bad About America is on Display in Arizona Shootings - January 2011

Defending Sarah Palin and The Tea Party - The 2012 Election Season Begins - January 2011

Arizona Shootings / Democrats and Liberal Media Rush to Play the Blame Game - January 2011

There is No More Honor in the US Navy, Capt. Owen Honors - January 2011

It’s Supposed to be a Pastime Not a Life Time - January 2011

Words Have Meanings - The Value of Real Estate and the Value of Money - January 2011

Shooting Down a “Lame Duck Congress” with Reform Legislation - January 2011

The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives - January 2011

Gay and Lesbian Activists Planning Their Next Victory After Don't Ask - Don't Tell - December 2010

The Victims of 9/11 Health and Compensation Act - The Real Scoop - December 2010

Victory in Virginia – Winning One for Limited Government - December 2010

The Omnibus Spending Bill 2010 - An "Obamanible" Snow Job - December 2010

The Wiki Leaks Revelations and Scandal - December 2010

Democrats Seek Bipartisanship to Repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" - December 2010

The Dream Act: A Real Nightmare - December 2010

Tax Cuts are Still Tax Cuts and Democrats are Still Playing Class Warfare - December 2010

After the 2010 Victory, What Next? - December 2010

A Temporary Truce Between Liberals and Conservatives - December 2010

All the Men are Playing Ball - Poem, December 2010 

The First Chinese Rocket to the Moon – Unmasking the New World Order - December 2010

The Beginning of National Health Care - The Last Generation of Americans to Take Care of Themselves
- November 2010     

Federalism and Deliverance - The Nullification Option - November 2010

The Unlegislative Branch of Government - It's Time for a New Birth of Freedom - November 2010

The Union of Corp. Gov. - November 2010

Government is Not Your Uncle Sam - November 2010

President Obama's Worst Decision - August 2010

Liberty Bank Failure-Papé Name Turns to Mud - July 30, 2010

Immigration - Illegal and Legal - Audio on Vimeo

An Open Border - America's Achilles Heel - Poem 1996

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter