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The Most Important Qualification to Be President

By Scott Rohter, August 2011

“Vacillating and inconsistency are as incompatable with personal success as they are with self respect and human dignity!” –Scott Rohter, inspired by a quote from Benjamin Harrison

            When all is said and done, what is really the most important qualification to look for in a Presidential candidate, or for that matter, in any candidate who is running for public office? Is it the ability to create jobs, and fix the economy? I know that is important! Is it a particular level of intelligence that is most sorely needed, in other words, a high IQ? Is it the ability to deliver a good speech effectively from time to time, such as the State of the Union address, and to be able to persuade large numbers of people? Or is it just good old fashioned moral character and personal integrity, which is defined by Webster as “incorruptibility”, i.e. uncompromising honor and virtue? What do you think? Please read my article Beyond Compromise which is also linked at the end of this story.

            I'll tell you what I think. I think that Barack Obama is arguably one of the most polished and skillful public speakers that has ever been elected President of the United States! But to quote Herman Cain, “How is that working out for you?” I know that I personally can't stand to hear any more of his long winded speeches because I can't stand to hear any more of his lies! I guess that goes back to the matter of character, doesn't it? Some other effective speakers of the 20th century include: Lewis Farrakahn and the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan and the 'so-called' Reverend Jeremiah Wright, (the pastor of Barack Obama's former Chicago based church). Do you remember him? His famous sound bite was, “America's chickens are coming home to roost!” They are, or were all powerful teachers, every one of them, and for each good teacher who led us down the right path, there was another who was bad for us, who led us in the wrong direction!

            Probably the most powerful orator of the 20th century was a little known artist, and political organizer from Austria by the name of Adolf Schikelgruber, a.k.a. Adolf Hitler. Together with his information minister, Joseph Goebbels, they were able to persuade an entire generation of Germans, and brainwash them into believing in a pack of lies and propaganda, that led us into World War II. The false political premise that led the German people to support the Third Reich and to believe that they were a superior race, whose destiny it was to take over and occupy the whole world, was constantly reinforced by persuasive lies that were repeated by effective public speakers! So much for the power of persuasion!

            But without a doubt, the greatest orator of all time to have ever used his silver tongue to disseminate lies, persuade others, and influence world events is the silver tongued devil himself, Lucifer! How would you like to see him run for President. I wonder which party he would choose to register in, Democrat or Republican? (Probably Democrat!) So what's my point? The ability to speak well and to be able to persuade people is NOT in itself the most important qualification to be the President of the United States! The bottom line is that I wouldn't vote for somebody just because they are a good public speaker! Or you might as well cast your ballet for Lewis Farrakahn or Jeremiah Wright!

            What about intelligence? As far as Presidential qualifications go, just how important is that Presidential IQ? In two words, it is very important! But it is not the most important thing! That's why Presidents have cabinets and appoint experts to advise them! No one can possibly know all there is to know about everything! Let me give you an example, a little allegory from history. May I start by asking a question? Who was a better king, David or Solomon?

            Solomon's wisdom was well known in his time. He was supposedly the wisest man that ever lived! Now I don't know if that would still be true today, but at least it was back then! In fact, his wisdom was legendary! Other monarchs and dignitaries came from far and wide to his little kingdom on the Jordan river to hear him judge the law and speak, and to benefit from his wisdom. His decisions were renowned the world over... And yet Solomon made many mistakes in his personal life, and in governing too, and within only one generation after his death, his little kingdom that he inherited from his father, was split and divided into two parts, and it was never again united and free! Only after two thousand years of exile would the descendants of his people return to their native homeland, and create a new country, and re-establish freedom in a small portion of that land! So much for wisdom!

            But David, whose heart was usually right with God, made a much better King than Solomon because he was more concerned with virtue than he was about wisdom! Yet he too made mistakes, and his government was not without its problems! But these problems usually occurred when his decisions were not rooted in honorable intentions, or because he occasionally let his own personal feelings get in the way of his better judgment! In other words, the lack of Solomon's wisdom didn't actually hurt David! And all of Solomon's wisdom couldn't help him, nor deliver his kingdom from his enemies for very long after his death! It was their character flaws that troubled both of them, not their lack of wisdom! In this historical allegory, we can see just how important character really is!

            So now, I have discussed the most important qualifications that are essential in a leader, who aspires to be our President. Wisdom, the power to persuade, and integrity, or plain old good character!... and the most important of these qualities by far is integrity! So look for integrity in a leader who wants to be your President! Look for integrity in a Presidential candidate and don't be hoodwinked by mere wisdom, or the gift of gab, or the power of persuasion! Vote for the candidate who has the greatest amount of integrity! And remember Webster! Integrity means incorruptibility.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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