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A Way Around the Mainstream Media
Changing the Journalistic and Political Paradigm in America

-by Scott Rohter, February 2012

How smart is it to keep raising hundreds of millions of dollars to support Republican candidates, and then turn around and hand it over to the liberal mainstream media in order to try to get them elected?  Frankly I think it’s just a waste of time.  It's a waste of your money too. If you are a conservative you should know that all of this money will only be used against you in the General Election, and it will only be used to elect more Democrats and liberals who will continue to over tax you, over regulate you, and generally make your life more miserable. Isn’t it obvious that we are following the wrong paradigm?  It is an unproductive paradigm which will never yield the results that we want. So then why do Republicans keep on doing this year after year after year?

Let me offer a plausible explanation for what is obviously a behavior that is inconsistent with conservative goals and principles. It is the idea that we can continue to use the liberal media to promote Republican candidates without suffering adverse consequences. One of the definitions of insanity is the idea that we can continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect to get different results. The reason that so many Republicans keep using the liberal media is because the Republican Party is controlled by progressives. Ronald Reagan encountered fierce opposition when he ran for President in 1968 and 1976, but he wasn’t the first or the last conservative to experience the backlash of the progressives in the Party. They are determined to maintain a firm grip on the Party leadership.

Richard Nixon was not actually a conservative, but he was at least marginally better than his liberal opponent in the Republican primary in 1968. That was Nelson Rockefeller. Yet even Richard Nixon experienced resistance from the progressives in the Party who supported Rockefeller. They refused to relinquish control of the Party to an outsider from the west coast,  but Nixon being the practical man he was made the necessary concessions to the east-coast plutocracy in order to win the nomination in 1968. The only thing that remotely resembled conservativism about Richard Nixon was his strong anti–Communist stance, but he even abandoned that in the end in order to open the trade door to Communist China.

On the other hand Barry Goldwater really was a conservative, at least when he ran for President, and he definitely experienced a progressive backlash from his fellow Republicans when he ran for the top spot on the Republican ticket in 1964. His opponent in the Primary was Nelson Rockefeller who was one of the key Establishment figures in the Republican Party, but Goldwater won in spite of this fact.  Nevertheless the fierce resistance he experienced and the open hostility to Barry Goldwater from the Republican Establishment was probably the reason he lost the General Election. He was soundly defeated by Lyndon Johnson with the help of progressives in the media and in the Republican Party which united and refused to support him in the General Election. The liberals in the mainstream media portrayed Goldwater as some kind or a right wing nut who would endanger the peace of the whole world if he was elected.

The perennial resistance to conservative principles within the progressive wings of both major political Parties goes a long way back, even farther back than Barry Goldwater's failed Presidential bid. It goes all the way back to the election of 1952 when Senator Robert Taft, the son of former President William Taft along with his erstwhile running mate, General Douglas MacArthur were sideswiped and sidelined in the Republican primary by the establishment because of their fierce anti-Communist views.

It’s hard to know whether it was just their fierce anti-Communist world views that were the only problem for Taft and Mac Arthur, or whether it was really their overall reluctance to take orders from the “real powerss behind the throne” which angered the Republican Establishment so much.  In any event, “The Establishment” got behind Dwight D. Eisenhower who picked Richard Nixon as his running mate, and that was pretty much the end of Taft and MacArthur.  The strongest conservatives in the race were Taft and MacArthur not Eisenhower and Nixon. They enjoyed broad popular support from the conservative base of the Republican Party and it was thought that they were a shoe-in to win the General Election in November, but that didn’t take into account the fierce determination of the progressive in the Republican Party and the resources that these checked pants Republicans could muster to accomplish their goal. “The strategy of the progressive establishment has always been to get the two most liberal candidates nominated in the Primaries, and then to elect the most progressive candidate in the General Election.”

For a long time real conservatives in the Republican Party have been given the short end of the stick so it came as no surprise that why Michele Bachmann's Presidential aspirations went no where in 2012. Along with her Senator Rick Santorum, and Congressman Ron Paul have both been largely ignored by the Republican Establishment and by the mainstream media, but is there a way around this perplexing, perennial problem,,, the stranglehold of the Progressive Establishment and the mainstream media over our elections.

I have been writing articles about politics and current events for a long time and I keep focusing on the flawed mechanics of how we nominate our candidates... the three M’s of electioneering:  Money, Madison Avenue, and the Media.  All electioneering only serves to enrich and empower the liberals who own the American media and the press.  Our elections have become a cash cow for the networks. ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX all raise huge sums of money by broadcastin political advertisements. So what can we do about it?

A few years ago when Ross Perot ran for the Presidency he referred to a great sucking sound which was the noise of our American jobs leaving the country,, but he was only partly correct.  It is also the sound created every four years by all of the money being siphoned out of our pockets and transferred to the candidates running for office and then straight into the New York bank accounts of the Big liberal Democrats who own the television networks and the mainstream media! Is there anything we can do to stop this this money sucking political system that controls our elections and empowers liberals?  I believe there is.

I think there is a way around the mainstream media and the chokehold they exercise on the news and on our flawed political process in America. I think that conservatives can> be heard and we can get our message out there without resorting to the mainstream media, and we can educate and inform voters without raising a dime or depending on the talking heads in the media to get our message out.  Even more importantly we do not have to drop any more money into venues that are openly hostile to our conservative values. 

Our great country has been taken over by people in Washington with little minds.  As the great 18th century Irish statesman, Edmund Burke remarked, ”A great nation and little minds go ill together."  I believe that the greatest nation on earth is worth a little hard work. Freedom is worth preserving and passing on to the next generation.  Way too many Americans put way too much of their trust in big government to solve their little problems. Washington wasn’t created to solve the everyday problems of little communities across our land. It is not possible to hang on to freedom without a rapid return to the principles of limited government and to the principles upon which our nation was founded

We can win the hearts and minds of many of our misguided, fellow Americans and ultimately we can win elections too, but it will take education. It's the kind of education that won’t be coming from our public or private colleges and universities because too many of them are controlled by the same liberals who control the mainstream media, and you can bet that we won’t be getting any help from the media.  We will never win elections by spending more of our hard earned money advertising in the liberal media. Real conservative voices can be heard right along with the progressive voices preferred by the mainstream press, but we need to be smarter about how we spend our money than we have been in the past. We need to encourage and support those voices that advocate for less government and a return to the Constitution like I do, and we need to provide a way around the mainstream media. If you would like to be a valued sponsor you can help me by reading and sharing this article.

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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