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Party of Asses
Democrats more Tolerant of Liars than Republicans, New Study Shows.

By Scott Rohter, July 2012 (Updated March 2013)

A little bit of insightful information managed to find its way through the liberal filter of the mainstream news media. It came from a very unlikely source. That source was National Public Radio. Unfortunately N.P.R. is not usually noted for either its accuracy or impartiality in broadcasting the news, but today they actually told the truth for a change. They reported that Democrats are more willing to tolerate lies from politicians than Republicans are. That is what a new study shows. Now it's not just the subject of idle speculation anymore by conservatives and members of the Tea Party. It's actually a proven fact backed up by hard scientific data. Democrats actually prefer liars more than Republicans do. Well, well, well, isn't that interesting?

In a recently released study reported by Ari Shapiro on National Public Radio, NPR reported that members of the “Donkey Party” have now become full-fledged “jackasses” just like the mascot of their Party. Democrats really do tell more lies, and they actually like their politicians telling lies more than Republicans do. I find this information to be fascinating. Don't you? But isn't that what we have all suspected for a long time? How about this fallacy for one of the Democrat's most blatant lies? Liberals call abortion "a women's right to reproductive health". Can you believe it? They call the murder of an unborn baby a woman's choice, and they refer to an abortion as reproductive health. These same liberals are now trying to give legal rights and legal standing in the courts to chimpanzees. Can you believe it? Liberals believe that chimpanzees have more rights than their unborn babies. I hope they didn't spend any of my taxpayer money to fund this new study. Its obvious that Democrats have very little regard for the truth.. They have about as much regard for the truth as they have for human life.

Democrats are more likely to be liars, cheats, and crooks than Republicans are... And now we learn that Democrats are also more tolerant of their politicians lying to them too. So Democrat politicians will do just about anything in order to get elected including lie, cheat, and steal. But what did you expect from the Jackass Party? Didn't you already know that after the elections of 2008 and 2012? Didn't you already know that Democrats will engage in vote buying and voter fraud if it helps them win elections? Doesn't Chicago routinely engage in vote fraud during every election when thousands of deceased persons cast their ballots in the Windy City for the Democrat candidate of their choice. And speaking of vote buying... Isn't that what Lyndon Baines Johnson successfully accomplished with all of his Great Society programs of the 1960's? Didn't he permanently buy the Black vote in our country with all of those entitlement programs? (Food Stamps, Head Start, the Fair Housing Act, the Immigration Act of 1965, the Civil Rights Act of 1968)

Think about this for a minute. Is there really any meaningful moral difference between lying, cheating, and stealing? Anybody who is willing to lie, is also going to cheat and steal in order to get elected. And now it appears according to this new study that if they are being judged by their own peers, that Democrats have little or nothing at all to worry about because they are just being judged by a bunch of other liars just like they are who don't really care if their politicians lie to them or not. There is no one left in the Democrat Party to blame anyone for anything because they all do it. They all lie. They have all absolved each other of their individual and collective guilt. We could actually say that the Democrat Party is"the Party without a conscience", and we wouldn't be too far from the truth.

Everything in love and war is fair so the saying goes. And today's politics has become a modified form of “domestic warfare” against the American people. So everything in politics is fair now too, at least if you belong to the Democrat Party. Everything is fair in politics if you belong to the Party whose mascot is a jackass and whose politicians frequently behave like jackasses. The Democrat Party boasts members who are jackasses, mean asses, dumb asses, and just plain all around asses. And the biggest, baddest, meanest ass around, the meanest ass in the whole damn town, the biggest ass in the entire Democratic Party is the “Chief Ass” in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama.

Just like the title of that popular old song from his old hometown of Chicago, “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” sung by Jim Croce, Barack Obama is the biggest ass in the whole damn town... whether you are talking about the South Side of Chicago, or the District of Columbia. In fact he is the biggest ass in the whole damn country right now. This song could easily have been written for Barack Obama. Together with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, these are three of the biggest asses in American politics today... and they are three of the biggest asses to have ever come down the Washington Pike as well. Together they form an unholy triumvirate that must be removed from power if we are ever going to restore some semblance of balance and moderation in Washington D.C.

The prospects for a renewed American prosperity, and for the restoring of our valuable position of respect in the world depends upon removing these Democrats from power. The standing of America's good relations with our traditional allies also depends upon removing this unholy triumverate from power. They have only been encouraging new relationships with a long conga line of the world's most unsavory and untrustworthy characters at the expense of our relationships with our traditional allies.

Somehow with the help of Hillary Clinton at the State Department,.. Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have managed to invite the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and the whole Arab world into our sheepfold, as well as Iranian Revolutionaries and the official Chinese Communist Party. One of Hillary Clinton's senior policy advisors is Huma Abedin who has close connections to the Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. Her mother, her brother and her late father all either belong or belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet she still retained her high level security access to Hillary Clinton and to confidential State Department documents. Maybe that helps to explain the troubling turn around in the direction of our Middle East foreign policy in recent years.

Instead of criticizing Huma Abedin or Hillary Clinton, members of the Republican leadership in Congress criticized Michele Bachmann for pointing out these troubling facts. She got roundly ridiculed by members of her own Party... by John Boehner and by John McCain. No wonder why our foreign policy has gotten so soft on the Muslim Brotherhood. By the way Barack Obama’s long time personal friend and top senior advisor at the White House is Iranian born Valerie Jarrett. She also has an unusually strong affinity for Islam, and sympathy for Iran too because she grew up in Iran. She also has ties to radical socialist progressives. None of these groups are exactly what you would call America’s friends or allies, nor have they ever been. In reality they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, who only desire to have access to the sheepfold so they can devour the sheep.

We must purge this un-holy triumvirate of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi from power so that we can remove the dangers to our people and protect our real allies in the world. America’s real allies are Europe, Canada, Australia, Israel, and Taiwan.

President Obama

"The truth, the political truth, and nothing but the political truth.
A journalist has no better friend than the truth."
- Scott Rohter

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