Advocating for Limited  Government - Less Gov Is The Best

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Government is a necessary evil.
But when it meddles in things that are arbitrary or unnecessary
it becomes more than just a necessary evil.
It becomes a tyranny.

Freedom and virtue can lift up a nation from the shackles of selfishness and sin.
But freedom and virtue are endangered whenever government becomes too big.
So we were given a Constitution... to protect the People.
It was created to limit the Government's authority over our lives.

But for too long Congress, the Courts, and the President
have all been adding to their limited powers.
Now it is up to us to tell these power hungry politicians
and condescending government bureaucrats to follow the Constitution.

We can do this by accepting personal responsibility for our lives
By not allowing ourselves to become more and more dependent on big government.
By leading the way we can demand that government honor the Constitution by following it.
Only We can get government to return to being what it was meant to be in our lives.

~ Editor ~

Thanks to all everyone who has helped me over the years especially
Kay Sellati and Kelly Hodsdon.