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Government is a necessary evil, but lately it has been finding more ways to be evil than necessary.
By meddling in things that are none of its business
Our Federal government has become a bigger burden on taxpayers than it needs to be.
The Federal Government is not supposed to be this powerful.
That is why the Founding Fathers created the Constitution
To limit the size and power of the Federal government.
If Americans would stop making excuses for ourselves.
And start accepting personal responsibility for our lives.
Then we could pass the blessings of freedom on to our children and our grandchildren.

But without limited government and personal responsibility we cannot remain free.
We must stop letting the Federal government get bigger than it needs to be
Or our children will not enjoy the freedoms that we have known.
If we follow the Constitution the way the Founding Fathers intended
Then we can return the Federal government to being just a necessary evil once again in our lives.
And we can extend the blessings of liberty to the next generation of Americans.
That should be our objective...
To bring the Federal Government back into compliance with the United States Constitution...
And to make Washington more necessary and a lot less evil than it is today.

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